Saving the world, one guitar at a time

Finally, a guitar stand you’ll actually use

GrabAxe closeup shotMore than a guitar stand, the GrabAxe is a complete guitar-protection system that fits in your pocket. Stands are clunky, get broken in the van, and left behind at venues all the time. The end result? You lean your guitar up against your amp on stage and pray to the gods that it doesn’t fall down.
But it does.

GrabAxe multiple guitars one amp

Why go through it again? The GrabAxe comes with everything you need to prevent it. Simply strap it to the handle on your amp or cabinet, cinch the velcro strap around the neck of your guitar, and walk away. Even if it slips, it will not fall!

GrabAxe accessoriesDo you like to lean it up against the side of your amp? Are you worried about scratches from the floor? Do you only have handles on the side of your rig? Each and every NAMM Best in Show award winning GrabAxe comes complete with adapters and accessories for just such situations. Keep the floor pad handy for when the stage is covered in beer. Use the extension for your extra tall full-stack.

GrabAxe works on a stand in many ways

If you still like using a traditional guitar stand, the GrabAxe is a must-have. If your guitar is your baby, the stand is your car seat. You wouldn’t dare use it without the harness, would you? Let the GrabAxe be your seatbelt and never worry about your drummer knocking it over again.


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